Rabbi Posner's Social Action Page

As a social activist I believe that we all have a responsibility to help heal the world’s suffering- in the Jewish tradition what we call: Tikkun haOlum – repairing the world. Therefore, I spend a fair amount of time each week responding to the needs and requests of various of progressive organizations. In that context, I often email my list of social action friends and family members re. issues of the day and also put them on my facebook. If you would like to receive my social action emails I would be glad to add your name to my list. Of course, we are not always going to agree on the immediacy or importance of a specific issue, but at least we will be sharing our commitment to Tikkun haOlum and doing what we can. In the words of my 2,000 year old teacher, Rabbi Tarphon: “It’s not up to you to complete an (ethical task) all by yourself, but neither are you so free that you may desist from trying (to make a difference)”