Destination Weddings in Mexico

As far as I know I am the only Reform/Progressive rabbi who lives in Mexico, where I am often asked to officiate for couples who want to be married at one of Mexico's many beautiful destination weddding sites.
In the Spring of 2015 I had the honor of officiating at 4 weddings in Puerto Vallarta within one month, which allowed the couples to share my flight/travel expense from Santa Cruz, California, where I live most of the year. Multiple weddings affforded me the ability to rent my own place, saving the couples the expense of paying for my hotel which is usually the case when I offficiate at single weddings in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. I personally think Puerto Vallarta has more character than Cancun and offers lots of things to see and enjoy. However, many couples from the East Coast prefer to fly me down to the Cancun area to officiate and I am glad to be of service there as well.

I enjoy helping couples design a service that is right for their interests, religious preference, and
life style. I am considerate of each couple's financial circumstance and am glad to
provide references. Mexican hotels are very gracious and usually allow me to use their
kitchens to bake a chalah for the reception. If you are interested in this, make sure you
let me know when we have our first chat, usually via Skype. Email me at:

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