This Freedom Rider Invites You into My Prison Cell
mugshot of a young Rabbi Posner

Yes, smile, I look a little different now than when, I was arrested in Jackson Mississippi July 1961:

My documentary uses visuals, historical events, and music to illustrate the universal ethics of empathy and justice that moved me, and others, including my fellow Freedom Rider, the late great congressman and social activist John Lewis, to just action. To use his words: “Get in good trouble, necessary trouble and help redeem the soul of America,” with the universal plea: “Justice, justice thou shalt pursue.” (The Torah- Deuteronomy 16:20)e

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Because my film emphasizes ethical values, it is available for individuals, organizations, or schools on a pay what they think is fair, or what the organization can afford. Just email me the amount that is being sent, and pay me via PayPal, (Philip Posner) or go to my Indiegogo campaign here which also includes more information about my film I will send you the link to the movie. For teachers who request them, I have also prepared lesson plans, for grades 5-8th and 9th-12

PS. I was honored beyond words to have received the following from Jonah Pesner, Director of the Union of Reform Judaism’s Religious Action Center, the RAC: “Wow! Rabbi Posner, you make those of us from Posen – Pesners, Posners, Pevsners and the whole lot – so proud. You are a living hero. I loved the trailer and am honored to march in your footsteps. Thank you, dear friend, thank you!” Jonah. (3/30/22)

Hi,Rabbi Posner
“What a remarkable job you and your team have done with the film! I was truly blown away by the final product and can’t wait to get it in the hands of students across the country … (My) students found your account absolutely fascinating. They loved seeing and hearing about all of the sights and sounds you witnessed, and appreciated the detail you provided, which made them feel like they were with you. They also really liked the way you pose questions to the audience to make them wonder what they would do in your situation. … The thing I appreciate most about this project is your appeal to empathy. I think this video could be shown not only in history classes, but in every class. It’s such an important message and one that all teachers are trying to get across to our students. …(it) should be an essential part of every teacher’s …teaching toolkit.”

Ian. (Ian Weissman, is a Social studies teacher at Repertory Company High School for Theatre in New York City)