The Rabbi and His Famous Friends

Food for Thought, Character, and Soul - Recipes and Blessings Included
By Rabbi Philip M. Posner

Timely and unique, this work of creative nonfiction blends scrumptious recipes with extraordinary dialogue on ethics with some of history’s most interesting and inspiring individuals.

Short Description
The good chef, author and rabbi, Philip M. Posner, has a lot to say on ethics, in Food for Thought, Character, and Soul—Recipes and Blessings Included. If his recipes are very good, which they are, then his lessons are even better. He contemplates how our individual character, what he calls "soul talk," is a bridge to our past, present, and future.

With intriguing recipes such as Marry Todd Lincoln’s delicious almond vanilla cake, the author has done his research and at times we can even imagine ourselves at his dining table, celebrating a wonderful meal and discussion with him and his famous friends. A veritable, viable, and enlightening education in seven universal ethical character traits, he and his friends serve up sage advice with a non judgmental grace that welcomes inclusion and avoids dogma. His dialogues read as essays on how as individuals and a society we can live healthier lives, nurtured by character and delicious food.

Praise for the book

Through the creative power of memory and our own acute sense of taste, the rabbi’s role models unite us with what is universally good in a way that links us to the past, sanctifies the present, and provides us with feelings of hope for humanity’s salvation—our future collective good.

  Best wishes with your imaginatively conceived project. 
—Rajmohan Gandhi, Author of Mohandas: A True Story of a Man, His People and an Empire, and other books about his grandfather

Congratulations on completing your extraordinary character cookbook! Not only do you offer recipes to provide nourishment for the body, your highly imaginative dialogues put forward many worthy ideas, ideals, and role models to give your readers food for thought as well. Building upon an honored Jewish practice, you have admirably extended the principle of showing hospitality across both space and time. As you suggest, reconnecting 'food talk' with those of 'soul talk' might be just the right thing within the reach of us all to help make the world a better place.
—Rabbi Barry Kogan, Professor of Philosophy and Jewish Religious Thought, Hebrew Union College

Rabbi's book is genuine - a gift of sacrifice & joy from its' heroic past to the present . . . and after life.  AND it's non-fattening if you don't make the dishes!
—Mother Antonia, ‘The Prison Angel’

Delightful to read, and I am sure it will be a nourishing experience for many.
—Dr.Franz Vesley, son in law of Dr.Viktor Frankl, author of Man’s Search for Meaning 

"I very much enjoyed your combination of recipes and Jewish wisdom, humor and ethics, and I am sure others will as well.” David Ellenson, President Hebrew Union College - JIR 3/25/08

"We met at the law office, at the law office where I work in Shelbyville, Kentucky,when you were on your book tour and recently ordered your book on line. I very much enjoyed your book. I let my father borrow it, and he has raved about how wonderful it is, as well. thank you so much." Juliet Ensign 8/3/08

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