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The thesis of my book is that good food and character sustains us. It appeals to a large audience of those who enjoy religion, ethics, history and cooking. It is also a lovely way to teach character ethics to children as parents may cook, bake and eat recipes in honor or memory of my role models as they tell them about, for example, Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of justice and civil disobedience.

The book can be ordered thru Ingram.
ISBN978 – 0 -692-76276-9

I am obviously flattered by the lovely comments made about my book, including this one by John Bishop, Assistant County Librarian, Mendocino California County Library:
Rabbi Posner has compiled a delightful collection of imaginary dinner parties with guests ranging from Mother Theresa and Oprah, to Gandhi and Mr. Rogers. These dinner discussions, that reminded me of Plato’s Dialogues, center on themes of kindness, moral courage, justice, forgiveness and compassion. Conversation and the sharing of information becomes a metaphor for food. As a good meal sustains our bodies, the above attributes are ingredients in the sustenance of our soul, our character.
Although it is not expected that Hillary Clinton and the Biblical Joseph would share a slice of pie, or that Lincoln and Mandela would share Rosalynn Carter’s cheese ring, Rabbi Posner makes it all seem quite easy to imagine. The idea is that the same basic ingredients have been mixed together in different times and places, and in different cultures, to create richly diverse dishes and flavors. Likewise, the attributes of kindness, compassion and forgiveness combine in each of our lives, whoever we are, to create our own unique recipe. It calls us to pay closer attention to history, to the news, and to our own conversations and life experiences to make dishes better.

PS. Depending on time and place, I am also available for library lectures and book signings.
Looking forward to hearing from you, Philip M. Posner, Rabbi

Food for Thought, Character and Soul - Recipes and Blessings Included – The world’s first character cook book – 35 recipes in honor or memory of 25 famous individuals who personify, and dialogue on, the ethical virtues of: compassion, moral courage, empathy, righteousness, forgiveness, kindness and justice.

ISBN: 1-4196-8335-7